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Call Logging

Call logging allows organisations to monitor and manage telecommunications costs by keeping a record of all calls. It can also be instrumental in helping to optimise resources and to avoid losing potential business. SaintGroup’ call information logging equipment (CILE) provides a valuable tool that ensures a system is working at its best in terms of the quantity of exchange lines or network trunks installed. It helps monitor and control the use of an organisation’s telephone system.

Most telephone systems output a constant stream of data relating to the calls that are being routed through it. This data includes information such as the start and end times of a call; the origination extension; dialled digits and call duration. SaintGroup call logging will capture this constant stream of data for analysis. The application runs on a desktop PC or dedicated server, depending on the size of the telephone installation, and takes the records output from the PABX and stores them on to the hard disk. Tailored reports can be run from this information and presented in tabular or graphical formats, down to individual extension, cost centre groups, departments, multi-site etc and in summary or itemised formats.

SaintGroup designs, installs and supports call logging solutions that improve performance, detect fraud, reduce costs and help to retain customers by ensuring calls are handled quickly and effectively.