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The SaintGroup Managed Services portfolio represents the combination of network infrastructure, technology, applications and expertise into a suite of services supporting both cloud and on premise deployment and designed to enable the transformation of your business at the appropriate pace of change to suit you. Each service can be deployed in its own right or in conjunction with others to deliver an integrated solution which matches both business needs and return on investment demands (not least by offering scaleable opex over capex cost management).

SaintGroup Connectivity Services: Whilst the demand for bandwidth continues to rise as costs continue to fall, complexity is increasing as new converged solutions enter the market. SaintGroup Connectivity Services provides a dynamic approach to help customers take advantage of the market changes combining superior service and lower cost with unsurpassed flexibility of commercial terms and ease of management with a single interface into multiple suppliers.

SaintGroup Networking Services: Today’s users are demanding access to more resources with greater flexibility to perform their roles. SaintGroup Networking Services provides the fabric to allow your users or your customers to connect to your data in the most reliable and optimised fashion.

SaintGroup Security Services: The availability and security of data and applications is the lifeblood of most companies; the implications of losing confidential information or access to applications can be catastrophic. SaintGroup Security Services ensures your data and applications are accessed by those that need it, when they need, safely, securely and without impacting on network performance.

SaintGroup Unified Communications Services: Working smarter needs to replace working longer and harder if organisations are to progress and reach their potential. SaintGroup Unified Communication Services allows the right people to communicate and collaborate through the most appropriate medium, enhancing the employee satisfaction and productivity whilst reducing costs.

SaintGroup Infrastructure Services: Getting more out of your resources while increasing their availability and maintaining control is a challenge for all companies. SaintGroup Infrastructure Services can reduce your costs and improve your efficiency by virtualising your servers and changing the way your applications are delivered to your users.

SaintGroup Application Services: The right applications, deployed in the right way can vastly improve an organisations productivity and route to market. SaintGroup Application Services will allow your users and customers to communicate with your resources and each other as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

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