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Hosting services within a shared colocation facility allows customers to benefit from carrier grade network uptime, low cost bandwidth, power and cooling redundancy, 24/7 on-site management and security at a cost which could not be achieved by the customer hosting on their own premises. Business continuity is essential for most companies ensuring critical business functions and services are always available to customers, suppliers, regulators, and other entities that must have access to those functions. Redundancy is key and the investment made by the hosting company to provide high availability and secure hosting is a cost shared across multiple customers who use the facility, thus making colocation affordable.

SaintGroup’ data centre allows us to provide Managed Hosting, Colocation, Cloud, and Network Services in South Africa and beyond. Our private facility in Roodepoort has secure managed capacity for smaller to medium sized organisations with Power and HVAC systems that maintain the ideal server conditions. Our partner agreements in place in Portsmouth (UK) and Riverton (USA) and Centurion (RSA) provide resilience and capacity for any sized organisation. Features of the data centres include:-

• Fully Redundant HVAC Systems

• Multiple Data Centre’s – high availability global load balanced solutions

• 24x7x365 On-Site Security Personnel

• Monitored Closed Circuit TV

• Biometric Handscan Access Control

• Military-Grade Pass Card Access

• Regulated Climate Control with Full Particle Filtering and Humidity Control

• Battery Power Backup with UPS

• Diesel Generator Power Backup

• Greenest Data Centre in the UK, significantly reduce your company’s carbon consumption reporting.

The data centres are connected to Local Tier1 Connectivity network's by dual diverse circuits and are effectively on-net for SaintGroup Connectivity customers. SaintGroup can also provide, colocation, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions from these facilities to a global foorprint.