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Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange provides businesses with email, calendar, and contacts on the PC, mobile device and web in order to keep employees connected and in sync from virtually anywhere; and with remote device management capabilities you can ensure the data is secure once it has left the office.

Built to deliver the enterprise-grade security that businesses require it has multi-layered, anti-spam filtering with continuous updates that helps guard against spam and phishing threats. Additionally, an inbuilt high availability and disaster recovery solution reduces the cost and complexity of delivering business continuity even across geographically separate datacentres.

A variety of storage options, greatly improved disk efficiency and client caching allows for significant hardware reduction and cost savings and gives users larger and more reliable mailboxes. A new Exchange Role-based access control model can empower specialist users to perform specific tasks without requiring administrative control, such as giving compliance officers the ability to conduct mailbox searches. This reduces the burden on IT staff and lowers operational costs.

SaintGroup has worked with Exchange since its conception and has migrated hundreds of thousands of mailboxes. Our experience allows us to understand and advise on the associated Licensing, Active Directory, Email Archiving, Networking, Load-Balancing, Storage, client management, Virtualization and Backup considerations that cover any Exchange migration project, whether an on-premises deployment, a SaintGroup hosted Exchange service or a seamless mix of both.

Cloud Services

SaintGroup Managed Services provides Microsoft Exchange in the cloud and ensures your business critical email is deployed on best of breed servers in highly resilient and secure datacentres, maintained by experts. SaintGroup’ cloud services offer the flexibility of enterprise class Exchange email and storage without the need for heavy capital investment. Shared cloud services deliver a fully-managed, world class IT system without the hassles and costs of ownership.

SaintGroup’ shared cloud services offers both multi-tenanted and dedicated solutions and provide:

• A virtualised environment for applications and servers

• Centrally managed and maintained storage platform

• Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, mailbox management storage and backup

SaintGroup’ shared cloud services are risk management friendly, with the option of being centred in the UK, USA or RSA and ITIL/ ISO accredited for security, resilience and compliance. Data and intellectual property remains the customer’s property at all times.

SaintGroup shared cloud services offer businesses:

• Flexible response to changes in workload demands

• Stronger disaster recovery

• Faster deployment

• Improved availability

• Better utilisation of IT resources

• Simplified management

Assessment and Health Checks

For customers that already have Exchange Server deployed, we offer a detailed assessment and health check service of the Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory environment.


SaintGroup conducts a Microsoft Exchange Technical Workshop to gain a full understanding of a customer’s messaging environment, analysis of the network infrastructure and plan for a successful migration. We will also consider other services such as archiving, compliance, remote device management, security, backups and Anti Virus and Anti Spam technologies.


SaintGroup’ certified Exchange consultants can help with every aspect of your Exchange deployment, whether you need a fully managed on premise installation or working in partnership with an in-house team to provide assistance or skills transfer, or in preparing the cloud environment. SaintGroup provides a full project management service during the installation phase, helping to eliminate risk, free up resource and deliver the project on time.


Most businesses have some form of email system and SaintGroup can migrate the data from almost any legacy system. Our Technical Consultants work with you to cover all your key Exchange migration phase considerations, including;

• Data

• Security

• Strategy

• Planning

• Out of hours / non-disruptive installation

• Proof of concept

• User Acceptance Testing  

Post Implementation

SaintGroup will assist in removing legacy systems and training administrators, and provide support with partial or fully managed services solutions.