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Server Estate Management

SaintGroup helps businesses deploy and control their server estate with more ease and confidence. Effective server management also improves business continuity and disaster recovery. Common strategies for improving server operations revolve around upgrading the server environment, as well as virtualisation. Server virtualisation offers better optimisation of IT resources, in particular hardware consolidation reducing IT budget and office space Server Operations

SaintGroup’s workspace server operations encompass server and platform requirements from design and planning to deployment. Improving server operations often involves upgrades from previous Microsoft Windows NT Server Opperating Systems to the Latest Microsoft Windows Server Platforms, or migrations from other operating environments such as Novell Netware or Unix. Improved server infrastructure delivers greater resilience and better optimised performance. Using a centralised management console, businesses can deploy and control their server estate with more ease and confidence.

SaintGroup is a trusted adviser for many customers on the vulnerabilities of their server systems and strategies for improved operation, management and corporate compliance. Its key server operations services include:

High Performance Servers

SaintGroup priorities mission critical servers to deliver performance and cost efficiencies, protecting the most valuable processes and functions to maintain smooth business operations.

Disaster recovery and business continuity

Server operations include full disaster recovery and business continuity planning and implementation. SaintGroup creates an overall IT strategy for disaster recovery, designing application failover to a secondary site and configuring replication services.

Server Operating Platforms

SaintGroup delivers rationalised configuration and streamlined deployment of operating platforms and databases, ensuring appropriate server hardware is in place to meet business growth and productivity requirements. It ensures servers are optimised for performance and scalability, allowing business applications to run effectively and securely. Server operations also ensures the operating platform is tuned efficiently by implementing best practise measures.