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Traditional Voice Lines

Used to make telephone calls to anyone in the world, traditional Voices Lines haven’t changed much over the last 30 years. The vast majority of the market is made up of three products;

  • PSTN/POTS – A single analogue line that can also support Broadband/ADSL connections.
  • ISDN2 – Digital line that can carry two calls.
  • ISDN30 – Digital line that can carry up to 30 calls but with a minimum of 8.

The vast majority of Voice Lines are provided by Telkom who in the last 5 years has had to break up their access network away from their retail business. This means that providers such as SaintGroup, who have invested heavily to become a ‘Communications Provider’ can buy these services from Telkom Wholesale and compete with Telkom Retail. Many customers aren’t aware that they can save money by transferring these services to companies like SaintGroup without any downtime. The complexity of Telkom bills often mean that customers are paying for services they aren’t using or thought they had cancelled. SaintGroup offers an audit service for calls and lines, working with the customer to understand their estate before transferring the services over.

The benefits of using SaintGroup for Traditional Voice Lines will be reduced costs, clear and concise billing and, through the audit process, an estate that is right sized for the company’s needs.