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Internet Connectivity

The internet is a critical business application and has a number of different uses including web browsing, e-mail, site to site VPN’s, remote worker access and e-commerce. As such, it needs to be reliable, fast and low cost with solutions flexible enough to suit all customer needs.

Connection Methods

We can supply dedicated Internet access solutions through Interconnects with multiple service providers to offer a connection suitable for your business needs. Delivered using various types of access technology including fibre based Ethernet solutions, Ethernet First Mile and next generation DSL connections offering speeds between 2Mb and 1Gb.

Fully Managed Service

We provide a fully managed service from the router at your site, the local access circuit through to our carrier interconnects and our peering gateways on the public internet will manage your service 24/7.

Resiliency Options

As standard we provide a dedicated single connection, giving you permanent, high performance access to the internet. For resiliency options we can provide dual fiber connections configured as primary and back up lines to offer automatic failover to the secondary connection to provide continual access to services.

Additional Services

We can provide additional overlay security services such as managed firewall solutions or remote access solutions.