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Data Centre

A Data Centre can have several different meanings; in short it is the area where applications and data are stored, regardless of location. The need for space to store data is ever increasing, and with the call for businesses to reduce costs in the form of on-going operational spends, IT is often the first port of call. This can be in the form of reduced spend on maintenance, electricity and cooling or other operational costs. New equipment has lower maintenance costs, is more efficient in terms of power usage and produces less heat therefore requiring less cooling which in turn can drastically reduce operation costs for any organisation.

The Data Centre can be the core of a customer’s network, giving access to corporate applications and data, access to the Internet, housing of the telephony systems and all the security systems associated with a modern day IT system. There is typically a requirement for high interconnectivity, providing a high bandwidth, low latency infrastructure between clients (PCs and laptop) and servers; internet users (remote workers, customers, suppliers) and hosted services, servers and backups, and databases.

SaintGroup’ Data Centre services provide high availability of applications and means increased productivity through lower downtime. Higher availability is also dependent on the design and quality of the equipment, as well as the location of the Data Centre. Likewise, the higher the latency, the slower your applications will work. For an employee this can result in loss of productivity; for your prospective customer this may result in placing an order elsewhere.

SaintGroup provides the highest level of availability through ensuring the infrastructure is right for the task at hand. In addition, SaintGroup provides Server Estate Management and Network Device Management, as well as high performance server design and virtualisation expertise.