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Managed Private WAN

Companies need to share applications over disparate sites will require a secure Wide Area Network with the ability to prioritise and guarantee the performance of critical applications such as Voice and Video services. SaintGroup has invested in its own network infrastructure interconnecting with multiple service providers enabling us to provide our own Managed Private WAN services.


MPLS is a very resilient high speed private network offering secure, dedicated site to site connectivity. An intelligent MPLS based network delivers improved performance for business critical applications to your users across all your locations.

The advanced technology utilised to deliver MPLS supports converged data and voice solutions providing traffic prioritisation for critical applications such as ERP, CRM and Voice over IP above other non-critical traffic thus providing a more cost-effective business communications infrastructure. Inherent resiliency and scalability of the service enables additional sites/users and services such as SIP to be integrated to the solution with ease when required.


Virtual Private Local Area Network Service (VPLS) allows businesses to connect their existing Ethernet Local Area Networks (LANs) securely over the wide area network (WAN). VPLS is simplified network topology giving you more flexibility in managing IT resources across multiple sites.

VPLS provides high speed, reliable, secure Ethernet connection across all your sites giving you the ability to transfer mission critical voice, video and data applications. Using VPLS for transferring your data gives you the potential to scale up your network infrastructure as your business grows to support your expanding business processes and applications.

Point to Point Connections

Point to point connectivity connects two or more sites over the wide area network using Ethernet technology. Our service is delivered using 10Mb, 100Mb, or 1000Mb fiber connections. It has the flexibility to scale up or down bandwidth in line with your data requirements.

They give you a dedicated fiber path that links together two or more sites to create a single high-speed WAN network, giving you a highly secure, low-cost alternative to Leased Lines.

Next Generation DSL

We offer a next generation private DSL network providing low cost, high quality broadband connectivity to your small offices and homeworkers across the UK. Using our DSL Interconnect we are able to connect sites into your own private MPLS cloud.

The private DSL platform gives us the flexibility to offer Quality of Service on each line and we can alter the speed over the line to meet your business need. It is a cost effective solution for sites with low volumes of traffic, retail business and home workers.