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Campus LAN

Local Area Networks (LAN) are ever present within business, education and other similar institutions, or even at home. Users will differ in the applications and services they access; however all share the need for a consistent level of service, regardless of whether they are high bandwidth users with applications such as video streaming, graphic design or TV production or low bandwidth users that only require access to the internet and general office applications. Some networks provide VoIP (Voice over IP) applications, and then will typically need to provide PoE (Power over Ethernet) as a service to the phone handsets. The network may also need to provide wireless access, CCTV coverage, triple play services (Data, Voice & Video).

A Campus LAN is the structure that ensures all network devices connect into thus enabling information transfer across the network. The LAN needs to support the applications that provide the business benefits. A VoIP project that will allow for collaboration requires a certain grade of LAN with switches providing Power over Ethernet. A new Security project involving Network Access Control that will secure the network against malicious attacks will require the LAN to support it in controlling access. There is little point investing heavily in the latest high performance laptops and desktops if the LAN won’t support their needs.

SaintGroup’ Campus LAN networking services offer best in class solutions that provide feature rich, reliable and cost effective services.