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SQL Server

SQL Database Support

Successful data storage and retrieval has rapidly become part of every complete IT strategy. With the advent of Big Data and social networking, raw information flow has become both more rapid and more business-critical than ever. The need to store, assimiliate and transform this data into meaningful information has become a keystone in the IT strategy of many successful businesses. From e-commerce sites processing hundreds of online transactions - to marketing companies, needing to keep up with buying trends - to charities, needing to maintain complex CRM systems - there is hardly any business trading today that does not use data in some critical form.

Most companies have a wealth of data - encompassing everything from past orders to buying trends, supplier catalogues to marketing information, and much of this information is business-critical. As such, data availability, security and validity become the three main considerations of data management. At SaintGroup, we have expertise in maintaining data on multiple platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database and MySQL, and on multiple operating systems - from Windows to Linux to UNIX. From small Express deployments supporting individual applications to large-scale Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems, we have resourceses that manage them all successfully on a day-to-day basis.

Application Integration

SQL Server is an example of a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), which not only holds data but can manipulate, traverse, retrieve, transform and highlight trends. SQL Server encompasses multiple products including the Database Engine, Analysis Services, Integration Services and Reporting Services. These services, working together, can combine data in new ways, supporting your key business operations. Full integration with Windows APIs and the .NET Framework mean seamless integration of data into web pages, CRM systems, bespoke applications and more.

Availability and Performance

Whether your databases exist solely to support your applications or whether you are reliant on terabyte-size databases to support your core business functions, we can support and improve your infrastructure to deliver a tailored database service. Do you need a High-Availability infrastructure? We can configure mirrored services with multiple nodes that automatically load-balance and maintain availability during an emergency. What about performance? With automated monitoring and performance tuning solutions we can ensure your data is available at the fastest possible speed. Is security a concern? With multiple-layer 256-bit encrypted and fine-tuned security solutions we can protect your data from almost anything.

Cloud SQL

With the advent of Azure, cloud-based data is now possible. Access your data in the cloud without the costly maintenance of SANs or servers. With universal availability, high security and a variety of redundancy and resilience options, cloud SQL could be right for you. Talk to us today about implementing a high-tech, low cost cloud database solution.