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SaintGroup creates centralised ways of managing workspaces, improving data management, employee productivity, security and processes. The complexity of managing even a small estate of PCs means powerful, centralised management can achieve substantial cost savings, whilst improving overall system performance. In a large estate across multiple sites, or including a proportion of mobile workers, the savings can make a fundamental difference to the overall IT budget. In addition, virtualising the desktop environment can positively transform ways of working, the working environment and culture.

SaintGroup’ Infrastructure services provide a centralised, simplified and resilient end user computing model, making day to day management and complete migrations far faster and much more efficient. Central management improves data management and security as data can be automatically and centrally stored rather than saved to the desktop. Greater return on investment can be achieved on desktop hardware by extending the life of old machines, introducing thin client devices and supporting laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones. SaintGroup’ Infrastructure solutions provide transformational opportunities for companies, especially those with large, dispersed or mobile workers, and support entirely new ways of working while delivering substantial cost savings.

SaintGroup’ Virtualisation Solutions consolidate physical infrastructure resulting in an optimised environment with a lower total cost of ownership. Storage Management enable a comprehensive suite of storage solutions that ensure data is available whenever it’s required. Server Operations solutions encompass server and platform requirements from design and planning to deployment while Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Practices ensure that, in the event of an unexpected situation, your business performance will continue to function as usual.