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Infrastructure Management

Via the Service Desk and supported by the field based resources, a client’s infrastructure is fully managed including support, performance tuning, security, patch management and capacity management. Remotely the Service Desk has the capability to provide server and platform support and management 24x7x365 including hardware, operating systems, applications, backups, networking, security, storage and third party engagement. Proactive monitoring and support is enabled with industry leading platforms integrated with our Service Desk Management System.

Ensuring that systems and resources are maintained and are available for use by the client’s organisation is a key priority for the Managed Service.

We will use our systems to remotely monitor connectivity, service availability and capacity on the client’s infrastructure.
Typically we will monitor:
  • Monitored services are running;
  • Backup success:
  • Anti-virus definitions:
  • Disk performance / utilisation;
  • Disk space availability;
  • Memory utilisation;
  • Network utilisation;
  • Presence (heart beat/ping); and
  • Processor utilisation

On detection of a fault or out of line situation, a call will be logged at the Service Desk. The most appropriate support engineer will then investigate and progress the resolution of the fault.