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UC Services

Collaboration Services - A rich set of real-time conferencing and collaboration services enables workers to be more responsive and productive. SaintGroup can deliver audio conferencing, web conferencing, document-based collaboration, and sharing of desktops and applications. Video-enabled web conferencing offers slide show presentations and document-based collaboration, sharing of applications and desktops, and video streaming.

There are many considerations to be made around network readiness, connectivity and security when deploying multimedia conferencing. SaintGroup has the skillset to ensure each area of your infrastructure is up to the task, configured correctly allowing us to then successfully deliver your chosen collaboration methods be they audio web conferencing or full, immersive multimedia collaboration. By eliminating the fees associated with external conferencing, SaintGroup helps companies cut costs and realize a rapid ROI, helping drive quicker business decisions and increase competitive advantage

Flexible Working - teleworking can improve team work, reduce absenteeism, improve morale and assist in both retaining skilled employees and attracting new high skilled employees. Teleworking is also regarded as a “green technology”, diminishing employee travel and office space costs. Managers are able to remotely monitor employee performance by the actual work output, a Contact Centre reporting tool or by UC presence and availability.

Additional cost savings can be made by allowing teleworkers to call over the internet back to the office free of charge or breakout to the wider world using the corporate phone lines on their preferential rates, and is particularly useful for employees who travel abroad. Customers want one number to call and teleworkers can receive that call if they are in the office, on the mobile or connected to the internet through a laptop at home, or even forwarded to a hotel phone if necessary. Teleworking also gives flexibility to meet the demands of the modern business and employees’ work-life balance.

Connected Communications - From the Communications room to the data centre to a fully hosted, managed solution SaintGroup will deliver a seamlessly connected fully unified network delivered, managed and billed via a single, skilled partner. From Telephony, Contact Centre solutions, Communication Enabled Business Process (CEBP), Messaging and Integrated Presence, SaintGroup has the tool set and services capability to deliver an end to end Unified Communications solution to drive a business forward into the next era of customer communications.

Telephony - underpins every organisations communication strategy. SaintGroup delivers TDM and IP solutions to businesses with single site back office requirements or global ‘follow-the-sun’ contact centres requiring high availability applications.

Presence - enables businesses to know where people are and if they are available, in real time. The ability to seamlessly collaborate with another person or customer on a project or service call, even if the two users are in separate locations, is becoming increasingly crucial. With Presence, users can quickly locate a person by accessing an interactive directory, engage in a text messaging session, and then escalate the session to a voice call, or even a video call if required.

Contact Centres - are often the most critical function within a business. Frequently they not only generate the highest revenues for a business but they also present the highest overheads. SaintGroup services identify how a contact centre is performing and where technology or process enhancements can deliver cost and productivity benefits, and can deploy fully media blended, in and out bound, multinational contact centre solutions.

Unified Messaging - is an element of the overall solution, which focuses on stored messages in email, fax and voice format, alerting the user to their presence but not being presented in an instant format; rather requiring mailbox access. The unification of multiple mailboxes from mobile, desk phone and other end points is critical to an effectively delivered UC strategy.

Communication Enabled Business Process (CEBP) - is the concept behind driving quicker business decisions through an application stack integrated to business systems, which will trigger an alert of call to action based on an alarm, alert or threshold being reached. SaintGroup’ solutions include a combination of speech enabled Inter Active Voice Response (IVR), SMS and email, and more simple DTMF IVR applications can be included for tasks such as payment services or brochure requests.

Video-calling – is particularly beneficial when communicating with field based staff or remote workers. It allows access to knowledge-sharing and fosters closer working relationships by making interactions more personal.

Handset, Headsets and Conference – SaintGroup’ desktop portfolio responds to the specialized and differing requirements of users, workgroups, departments, and branches across the enterprise with a range of desktop devices. From affordable entry-level IP phones to sophisticated network devices including wireless handsets, Gigabit Ethernet and IP DECT connectivity accessories, conference units and PC-based attendant consoles, SaintGroup can propose the right solution for your business needs.