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Unified Messaging

SaintGroup’ Standard and Advanced Unified Messaging (UM) solution drives user productivity allowing users to access and manage their voice mail, email, and fax messages from their PCs or telephones. It allows businesses to enhance customer service with sophisticated speech auto-attendants and call routing, and it simplifies on-going day-to-day administrative tasks.

UM users can retrieve voice mails and faxes through the telephone or their email inbox. Supported email products include Microsoft® Exchange, IBM® Lotus Notes®, and Novell® GroupWise®. With the Microsoft Outlook Client Plug-in, UM users’ Outlook toolbar is enhanced with an additional ribbon to manage voice messages. Integration of the UM IP voice mail server and the Microsoft Exchange email server enables Advanced UM users to access all of their messages (voice, fax, and email) from their Microsoft Outlook inbox as well from their UM Voice mailbox. Full MWI synchronization is provided for voice messages that are accessed through the email client, and message status synchronization is provided for emails that are listened to from the voice mailbox using Text-to-Speech (they are marked as read in the email inbox).

UM proactively provides fax senders with transmission status information – to their email inbox! For unsuccessful transmissions, notification can be provided to the sender’s voice mailbox or email.

For companies operating in a bilingual environment, the ability to provide service to callers in the language of their choice creates a positive, experience. When set up for bilingual service, UM offers callers a choice of language. Once a selection is made, remaining prompts are played in the selected language.

Text-to-speech (TTS) capability is available with the Advanced Unified Messaging feature. TTS enables users to listen to Microsoft Outlook email messages over the phone, from their Voice mailbox. The text of the email message is converted to speech and made accessible to the user from their voice mailbox. Emails that are accessed through the GUI are marked as read (played) in the user's Outlook inbox. Users can play, save, and delete email messages. The following languages can be selected for TTS playback: NA English and UK English.