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Security Compliance

‘Compliance’ is a term that is typically meant when a party (or parties) or activity is established and operated in accordance with an established set of rules, requirements, laws and/or policies. The party or activity is regarded as 'non-compliant' (or failing to comply) when in breach with any of the aforesaid rules.

SaintGroup is able to help organisations with security compliance with our Audit Compliance service. A compliance audit is a comprehensive review of an organisation's adherence to regulatory guidelines. With Security Vulnerability testing, SaintGroup can help identify technical weaknesses in systems on the network and prioritise them based on the importance of affected systems and a risk-based cost-benefit analysis of the solutions’ to determine which vulnerabilities should be addressed first.

With SaintGroup’ IT Framework processes, we can set out the requirements for an Information Security Management System to help identify, manage and quantify the range of threats that information is regularly subjected to by helping clients deploy frameworks such as ISO 27001.